Dennis Wharton


14 x 8 x 6


Artists Statement

When I start a new art piece, I want to show the viewer a glass sculpture that talks through transmission of light, design and creativity. Each sculpture is started with clay, which I sculpt into my concept. I then make a silicone rubber mold from the clay sculpture, which will become a wax casting.  Next, I change and transform that wax piece into the final sculpture concept. From here, I form a plaster mold over the wax and melt the wax out, thereby making the plaster mold ready to receive the glass. The plaster mold with the glass in it is placed into the kiln to melt the broken glass inside. When done, the plaster is removed from the glass sculpture, and the glass is cold worked by grinding and polishing. The cold working is where one can make the sculpture “talk” by showing how light is transmitted through the glass, making the process from “Earth to Glass.”

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