Our mission is to engage the creativity of individuals in order to strengthen wellbeing and communities. We are a non-profit, community resource dedicated to creating vibrant, vital communities through art viewing, discussing, making, and investing.

We believe everyone has a story to share. And stories told through art are not only compelling, but profoundly important to our individual wellbeing. Understanding and connecting with this expression are at the very heart of what we know community to be. Individual creativity at all ages is available to anyone interested and willing to learn. Front Porch Gallery reveals these stories through innovative programs for Front Porch residents and exhibitions showcasing artwork from a variety of senior artists and others whose stories come to life through paintings, photography, sculpture, fiber arts, and more. This space helps create an understanding of aging through art, where the community can come together to share creative expression throughout the year. The gallery collaborates with individual artists and innovative organizations to produce unique exhibits to celebrate creative endeavors and full range of artistic expression at every level of experience. The gallery is an outreach program of Front Porch.


CATHY CAREY / Program Director

Cathy Carey is an artist with experience in producing arts programming for a nonprofit arts organization as the President and Executive Director. She created exhibition opportunities in the visual and spoken arts and designed inclusive art workshops for creative expression that engage the participants.  “Throughout my career I have been dedicated to building collaborative relationships between creative communities and engaging the public to promote deeper understanding of ourselves and our world through the experience of creative work.” She is a professional exhibiting artist and her paintings are represented in galleries across the country: Santa Fe and Taos NM, Scottsdale and Tucson AZ.




Judy Berberian / Program Manager

Judy Berberian originated from a lineage of artists, she has dedicated her life to the arts, engaging deeply with various disciplines such as painting, fashion design, and music.  Her father, a celebrated painter, has profoundly influenced her artistic direction.  She has showcased her fashion designs at Paris Fashion Week, and has created costume pieces for celebrities and films like The Hunger Games.  In Los Angeles, she curated large scale art exhibits at a 7,000 square foot artist collective, featuring 100 artists of all mediums, bringing an equally large audience to view and purchase art.  Her recent yoga teacher training has given her another way to create community by teaching classes at the gallery, and sharing her passion for well-being and a deeper understanding of the human spirit.




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