Past Exhibitions

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Front Porch Gallery invites you to enjoy this uplifting and inspiring pop-up exhibition. These works will light you up! Special thanks go to Wendy Morris from Sophie’s Gallery for helping make this exhibition happen on short notice due to fluctuating scheduling during COVID-19.







Images: Panda by ChaeMin Geum and Doggos by Mark Rimland



Most of us see the world in color, but what happens when that filter is removed? What is revealed? Established in the mid-1980’s, Women in Creative Photography, a group of professional and fine art photographers in the San Diego area, explore the medium of black and white photography where light and shadow take stage and raw human emotions come into stark focus. Experience the work of these diverse and award-winning photographers as they unearth an extraordinary world of timelessness and poetry that lies just beneath the surface of our everyday lives.





Image: Finding Her Way by Barbara Fletcher




The work of contemporary crafters has long challenged the traditional line between art and craft. Since the 1940’s, Allied Craftsmen of San Diego has contributed to this dialogue between form and function and expanded the conversation around modern aesthetics. Working with a variety of mediums including ceramic, furniture, fiber, glass, jewelry and mixed media, this diverse group of artists brings this discussion to life with complex, cutting edge pieces that blur boundaries and defy convention.





Images: left to right  Cheryl Tall, Arline Fisch, Kathleen Mitchell, Paul Henry, Beston Barnett




The desire to create meaning is a life-long impulse that brings new purpose as we age. Featuring the work of Front Porch Retirement Community residents, Creating Meaning is a reflection of each artist’s unique life journey as it unfolds in a myriad of mediums, including: painting, fiber arts, book arts, MessageGrams and collaborative floral mandalas. Enjoy these inspired creative expressions born from the material of our lives.






Image: collaborative floral mandala created by Carlsbad By The Sea residents




To say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if you had only six? Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway made a bet with friends that he could craft an entire story in six words. Hemingway won the bet with "For sale, baby shoes, never worn."
In a collaboration between Front Porch Gallery and Oceanside Museum of Art, a diverse group of juried photographers explore the intersection of text and image by bringing their own six word stories to life.





Image: Alise Sheehan




The spirit of Aloha comes alive at Front Porch Gallery! Surf boards become medium, muse and metaphor, as these artists breathe the Hawaiian concept of "Aloha" or "divine breath" into their work. With a diverse range of creative expressions including painted, handcrafted and Warhol inspired boards, portraits of surf icons and surf inspired photography. These artists explore the intersection of nature, culture and spirit that in habits the border between land and sea.






Image: James Daigh




Front Porch Gallery invites you to experience our annual juried exhibition featuring art by inspired contemporary artists. Rich in cultural diversity, featuring some of the most vibrant and original artistic voices, this unique collection offers a sampling of works in an array of media, including paintings, mixed media, glass, photography, fiber arts, sculpture and more. We are honored this year to have Nancy Hillis, M.D., acclaimed artist and best selling author of The Artists Journey: Bold Strokes to Create Creativity as our juror.





Image: Catherine Chambers / 1st place winner 2018




Throughout her travels, Linda Anderson has drawn inspiration from moments that "grabbed her heart".  Needle, thread and painted fabric are all brush and canvas to her. They manifest portraits of everyday lives against the backdrop of diverse cultural landscapes. With rich color and exquisite detail, these contemporary fine art quilts are as unique as the individuals portrayed and yet as familiar as the story that lives in all of us.






Image: Linda Anderson




Twelve innovative artists reexamine the space where art is born and communities are formed. Through explorations in sculpture and mixed media these three-dimensional creations redefine process and push the boundaries of cultural and aesthetic expectations. Selections include works in metal, glass, bronze, wood, assemblage, weaving and more. Join us for She Pushes Boundaries, A 3D invitational.





Images: Anne Mudge, Arline Fisch, Cheryl Tall, Catherine Chambers, Judith Parenio, Manuelita Brown, Tesa Michaels, Sally Ault, Susan J. Osborn, Polly Jacobs Giacchina, Susan Hirsch




Come experience San Diego Book Arts: California Natives at Front Porch Gallery and reimagine the "book as object". Taking the theme of "California Natives" as inspiration, these tactile and malleable works explore everything from iconic vegetation and wildlife to the contributions of indigenous and current populations. Through unexpected crafting, binding and material, these works are infused with complex history of our multi-faceted and multicultural landscape, all while challenging form, function and text.





Images: Evelyn La Rosa, Josie Rodriguez, Doria Goocher, Janis Reeser




Art creates purpose, makes connections and builds communities. Join us for Turn, Turn, Turn: A Season or Senior Art, featuring work by Front Porch retirement communities' residents and showcasing selections from residents of Summer House memory care neighborhoods. From paintings and mixed media to photography and collage, this vibrant collection reflects both the diversity or our personal life-journeys and the irrepressible impulse to create that unites us.






Image: Elinor Billings, Carlsbad By The Sea Resident




Earlier Exhibits

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