Jo Ann Pastori

Made of Stars

11 x 9.5


Artists Statement

Can you feel the conflict, tension, anger and divide in this world? Can you feel the opposite of this tension and conflict? I know what I want to feel is connection. Connection between people, cultures, the earth and stars, plants and animals, stones and air. We all live on the same planet, Earth.

            I feel this connection and I want more connections, stronger connections. We breath in air that has no expiration date. Can we be connected to Cleopatra who might have breathed the same air we are breathing today? , Or, are we doomed to create more divisions and eventually disappear as a failed experiment in humanity,  along with democracy.

            Change is a guarantee and it can be inspiring. I am making glass in a new way. I take bits and pieces of glass, put them on a tilted shelf in my kiln and let heat and gravity do the work. It creates painterly strokes. I can then cut off any part that I want, rearrange with other parts of glass and “play” until I have connected light, color and image into a piece of art. I am getting to know glass better and connect with it more.

            In my path towards art, I have studied Archaeology, Anthropology, become a Wife, Mom and Grandma. Zoom classes in glass and fine art painting
during and since the Pandemic have helped me change
and expand My art has won awards with the AGASC and
San Diego County Fair and can be seen internationally.

            It is my hope that you enjoy my
work and let it touch your soul and
make your day better.
To sum this all up in a quote from The Story People,
“There is still time to build a world
of peace, of easy words and bright
rooms where everywhere we go we will be home.”

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