Bill Matulich

Melting Pot

26.5 x 14 x 9.5


Artists Statement

Although I’ve always done something “artistic” in my life just for fun, it
wasn’t until 2002 that I discovered kiln formed glass. I pursued this
artistic “hobby” for a couple of years as a way to relax and as a respite
from my usual work as a clinical psychologist. But as I worked with this
unique material, I began to see the potential of glass as a true art form.

After two summers studying at Pilchuck, my work became more
professional and my skills and abilities improved. I began to win awards
and sell more of my work to collectors. I was hooked!
My art work has changed and evolved over the years as I explore
different techniques. I am currently interested in the possibilities of
combining various pre-formed elements into new forms and designs.
As a result, some of my work tends to be a meticulous assembly of pieces
that I’ve created previously in the kiln, cut up, reassembled, coldworked,
fused again, shaped, slumped, and finished. There may be as
many as 10 or 15 steps before a piece is finally ready for showing.
I’ve also explored the textures and colors I can achieve using a pate de
verre technique, in which powdered and crushed glass is combined in
various ways before being formed into a shape.
I am intrigued by the physical properties of glass and it’s interaction
with the environment, the changing light, or the perspective of the
viewer. I create certain pieces to take on new and surprising
characteristics depending on a change in the environment in which they
are viewed or the angle from which they are seen, making the viewer
and the environment part of the art.
I will always be a student of the art form because of the the seemingly
unlimited potential of this medium. I am challenged by this stubborn
material which often does what it wants despite my best technical
efforts. But I am also delighted with every new discovery I make. I think
I’ll be “hooked” for quite a while.

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