Deanne Sabeck

Ruby Spiral

16" Diameter


Artists Statement

Conceptually my work deals with illusion, perception and the essence of our visual reality, LIGHT. Within this context, I explore both the dark and light aspects of life.Using glass as my main medium, it is my intent to create spatial sculptures with light. The glass is bent, fractured and often etched with text and imagery, distorting and refracting the light spectrum, bathing the environment in brilliant color and form. I find it particularly fascinating working directly with light as even a slight change in angles produce quite drastic results in the projected forms, color and imagery. Additionally, the use of a computerized light dimming system adds a kinetic aspect to the installations offering a constant, yet subtle transformation of meditative patterns of light.Outside installations use the sun as their light source and transform throughout the day. I see my work as a visual metaphor for how our particular perceptions of reality are simply our personal perceptions, which can appear quite different from another perspective.

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