“Finding Your Senses” serves as a catalyst for introspection, empathy, and appreciation of the diverse ways in which humans perceive and experience the world. By fostering a deeper understanding of the mutable nature of sensory perception, the exhibit encourages visitors to embrace differences, cultivate empathy, and celebrate the richness of human experience. The exhibit prompts reflection on how alterations in sensory perception can profoundly affect individuals and communal understanding.

Artists participating in this event present works that invite viewers to contemplate the profound influence of our senses. Some pieces will explore how alterations in sensory perception, whether due to trauma or aging, can fundamentally shape individual experiences. Others will examine the senses as a dynamic process through which we engage with and interpret the world around us. This exhibit promises to be a captivating exploration of the human experience through the lens of our senses.



Event Calendar

Docent Tours

June 13th 1130am-12:30pmRSVP Here

June 21st 1pm-3pm | RSVP Here

July 19th 1pm-3pm | RSVP Here

Social Emotional Arts Workshop | RSVP Here

June 20th 11am-1pm

June 27th 11am-1pm

EDM Music and Drawing Workshop | RSVP Here

July 6th 1pm-3pm

July 18th 1pm-3pm

Music Reception with Bucket Ruckus! | RSVP Here

July 20th 1pm-4pm


Ongoing Programming

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Participating Artists & Partners

Participating Artists

Josie Rodriguez, Therese Verner, Therese Cipri Herron, Cheryl Tall, Vicky Griffin, True Ryndes, Janet Hansen, Peggy Wiedemann, Sarah Baek, Rocio Villanueva, Darlene Katz, Cathy Carey, Annie Omens, Steve Denyes, Mike Redman, Karla Leopold, Scott Bruckner, Maryanne McGuire, Judy Berberian, Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Participating Poets

Jeff Bettger, Jim Babwe, Mary Lenox, Leslie L.J. Reilly, Janet Janszen, Cate Dudley, Annette Friend



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