Kingsley Manor Quilt

This collaborative quilting project took some time to get off the ground but once we had our residents be fully engaged with the idea they each had a great time creating their piece.

We let our residents be creative and come up with their own ideas of what they would like to make. My coworker and I each made one to show them what they could do. We don’t have many residents that sew, so instead we had them either use hot glue or regular glue to have their pieces stick to the material. We asked one of our residents, Joan Biddlecomb (who is very talented with sewing and quilting) if she would be willing to attach all the pieces together to create one combined quilt, and she happily agreed.

Everyone worked at their own table, and we would hand them the material they wanted to use for their design. We had different colored felt, beads, feathers, and flowers. We all had a great time and once we finished we presented the quilt for everyone to see all our individual yet combined work.



Contributors to our quilt:

Elaine Castroverde
Karen Palmer
Roberta Siegel
Florence Pomerantz
Ute Lee
Char Allen
Tanya Kaechele
Joan Biddlecomb
Leon Foster
Carlina Burgos
Choey Pearson

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