Krista Heron

Surface Deep

16 x 25


Artists Statement

Some of us are lucky enough to find inspiration early in life. I’m very grateful to be a part of this minority. My journey has not been one of degrees and technical education, but one of constant and ever-passionate experiences with the arts. Being raised by photographers and art connoisseurs, my youth was filled with color. I was fortunate to have a great degree of exposure to many of the art forms that I now hold so dearly.

My mother supported and encouraged me as I experimented with new forms, from painting, to pottery, and photography. I shot my first wedding when I was very young, and quite honestly, I can’t remember an instance where I was without my camera. With time, I began a career as a concert photographer and pictorial editor. I enjoyed almost ten years of all-access passes, photographing musicians and groups who will remain in infamy for generations to come.

Eventually, the arts took a backseat as some of life’s responsibilities took hold. I continued with photography on a very limited basis, but I did not have the time to create as I desired.

In 2014, kiln-formed glasswork came into my life as an outlet for some of the challenges that I was facing. The simple act of cutting and breaking glass
served well as a way to vent, but these
acts eventually
came to be something more.
I sought the knowledge necessary to create
the objects that circled in my mind,
and slowly,
I began to learn the craft.

With this, I’ve been fortunate to have
the opportunity
to learn from so many talented and unique
glass artists. Each has helped
me to find greater passion for the
art form, and for it, I am eternally grateful.

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