Marti Blair


12 x 12


Artists Statement

In 1974 I received my degree in Art from the University of Alabama, with a credential to teach. My main focus was in ceramics, which led me to the art of glass. Shortly after, I moved to San Diego. My passion for the glass arts has been active for many years. My work now is primarily kiln fired glass with paints, copper, aluminum, and ceramic enamels. These techniques bring spontaneity and mystery to the process. My work, changing over the years, is often from my life drawings of figures and portraits interpreted with the firing process. I focus on being able to capture the drawing and infusing the work with the subject’s expressions, whether serious or playful in the moment. In the past decade, I have studied with amazing artists who are teaching the glass art world their processes and their philosophical approach. Several of them were hosted by our AGASC. It is uplifting and fascinating to explore various techniques. My good fortune has been to be the founder of the Art Glass Association of Southern California back in 1981. Over the years many glass artists in our community have provided great experiences as an educational non-profit. The organization has grown and been uplifted by many of our current members. We are providing the ongoing opportunity to explore and
express the glass arts.
We thank Julie Weaverling and the
Front Porch Gallery for an opportunity to
show our members’ best.
I am very grateful to be among them.

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