Tesa Michaels




Stones Used: Agate, Red Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Pyrite, Hematite, Vanadanite, Barite, Kyanite, Quartz with Pyrite, Vintage Chain.

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My inspiration behind this piece is from fashion designer Alexander McQueen. I find his work to be such an inspiration for me as an artist. While I pull much of my inspiration for my "Avante Garde" series from the fashion industry which I find so intriguing and innovative in their designs as artisans. That is why you will see the use of material in my pieces representing that intrigue of the materials used in the industry. To me fashion designers' garments use such exquisite fabrics that I wanted to further work with it in a way as a fine art artist and showcase its beauty in fine art. As a fine artist I wanted to combine both styles in an innovative way; their materials and the semi precious stones I use to create unique mixed media pieces.

This piece was inspired by one of McQueens dresses that was created with amazing giant red roses. I titled the piece "Empowerment" because he designed clothing for women to make them feel empowered when they wore them. As a designer he used alot of leather, chain, spikes, black, skulls and of course the roses which you will see in this painting as a reflection of him. This painting is my interpretation of his work and inspiration into my version for fine art.

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