Vista del Monte Quilt




Back in March and April, in the early days of the pandemic lockdown, it was all still sort of an adventure.   I am a knitter, and knitters always seem to have small balls of leftover yarn when they finish a project.  I thought it might be fun to invite other knitters to create 6” by 6” squares to using their leftover yarn. Then we would piece them together and create an afghan, which we might auction off to raise money for our scholarship fund.   And so, our Pandemic Afghan project was born.  Mary Grimm








Residents who contributed to the afghan:

Peggy Alexander, Roxana Anson, Barbara Ford, Mary Grimm, Penny Porter, Magdalene Popp, Regine Prindle, Martha Saatjian, Ellie Starfas

Note: This project became the inspiration for the Front Porch Retirement Communities Collaborative Quilt Project.

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